Why The SPY Surfer? The answer in one chart

Four ETFs and One Trackers Model Portfolios

  • These models obey to systematic and codified trading rules
  • They do not predict the market; they just react to it
  • They cover all major asset classes
  • They are composed of liquid instruments with neither use of margin nor leverage
Four ETFs Model PortfoliosTraded ETFsCompound ROR since 2007
MonthlyUSDAll major asset classes in USD
WeeklyUSDAll major asset classes in USD
MonthlyCADAll major asset classes in CAD
WeeklyCADAll major asset classes in CAD
WeeklyEUROAll major asset classes in EURO
USD Benchmark = SPY (S&P500)
CAD Benchmark = XSP (S&P500 CAD Hedged)
EURO Benchmark = EuroStoxx50 index

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