For anyone with a trading account and 5 minutes a month

Six ETFs Models: two USD, two CAD, one EURO, one USD/CAD/EURO

  • These models obey to systematic and codified trading rules
  • They do not predict the market; they just react to it
  • They cover all major asset classes and are monthly rebalanced
  • They are composed of liquid and low-cost ETFs, long only, no leverage
  • They are low-transaction models, about 10 trades per year on average

How to Join

  • By donating $199 to one of my two fundraisers, BCCH and SickKids (click on the links, official tax receipt issued) or Paypal if you prefer
  • You will receive monthly emails (buy/sell signals) and have access to the model of your choice for one year
  • 401k and group RRSP contributors can follow these models by visiting Smart RRSP website, it's free

How It Works

  • Please, make sure to read my Disclaimer before subscribing
  • How much do I need to invest? There is no recommended amount. The right amount is the one that lets you sleep well at night. Even though the models trade about ten times a year, pay attention to the transaction fees...
  • Ok, I have just donated $199, now what's next? "Monthly Trades" emails are sent on the last trading day of the month, showing the new trades, like in the example below that indicates the two ETFs per model to hold for April 2016, Top1 and Top2, equally weighted (i.e. 50% each):Screen-Shot-2016-05-06-at-9.13.34-AM
  • What is the ETFs selection process? Signals are automatically generated by my mechanical system. It is purely quantitative. More info here
  • What types of ETFs are used? Global assets and Sectors, low-correlated and highly liquid ETFs