For anyone with a trading account and 5 minutes a month

Five ETFs Models: two USD, two CAD, one EURO

  • These models obey to systematic and codified trading rules
  • They do not predict the market; they just react to it
  • They cover all major asset classes and are monthly rebalanced
  • They are composed of liquid and low-cost ETFs, long only, no leverage
  • They are low-transaction models, about 10 trades per year on average

How to Join

  • By donating $199 to one of my two fundraisers, BCCH and SickKids (click on the links, official tax receipt issued) or Paypal if you prefer
  • You will receive monthly emails (buy/sell signals) and have access to the model of your choice for one year
  • 401k and group RRSP contributors can follow these models by visiting Smart RRSP website, it's free
  • Please read my disclaimer

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