Oct 28

Help me raise $15,000 for BC Children’s Hospital (Vancouver), SickKids (Toronto) and Alberta’s Children’s Hospital (Calgary)

Why should you donate $100?

1)  You have one of these: 401(k), RxSP, TFSA, cash account, margin account, either in USD or CAD
2)  I will tell you what to buy/sell for one year - index ETFs only
3)  You will have access to The SPY Surfer LinkedIn group
4)  Your donation will go directly to one of these foundations (not me), tax receipt will be emailed automatically
5)  It feels good to do good

$100 is too much/not enough?  No worries, I will accept any amounts.

I have raised almost $1,000 in about 2 months, thank you for your donations!

Interested?  Just go here