Hi, I'm Fran├žois Lucas, founder of the SPY Surfer! In 2010, I left the corporate world to dedicate my time to my family. This gave me time to take a closer look at our savings, resulting in the launch of the SPY Surfer in 2011. Since then, I have translated "Stocks on the Move", by Andreas Clenow, organized the first Quantitative Conference in Vancouver, BC, with M. Faber and G. Antonacci, been invited as a guest speaker at PyData Vancouver and Vancouver Algorithmic Trading (sponsored by Quantopian). I recently wrote "Payday Anomaly Revisited", graciously published by my friends at AlphaArchitect.
I am originally from France, lived in England, Hong Kong and now Canada with my wife and two boys. I hold a BEng (Electrical, ESIEE, France), MEng (Satellite Telecom, University of Surrey) and MBA (UBC).

My goal is to educate DIY investors about quantitative investments and to demystify the intricacies of investing. Hope you enjoy! Look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to contact me by email or twitter