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How It Works / FAQ

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  • You will then be able to implement these ETF portfolios in your own brokerage account, at your discretion
  • How much do I need to invest?
    There is no recommended amount. The right amount is the one that lets you sleep well at night
  • There are five portfolios to choose from: which one(s) shall I trade?
    I personally trade all of them because I like to spread my bets across various strategies and I also have both USD and CAD currencies. SPY4ALL is a great low-maintenance super low-cost ETF portfolio, whereas Global and Sectors are more active ETF portfolios. All of them have historically generated better risk-adjusted returns compared to Buy&Hold
  • Ok, I have just subscribed, now what's next?
    Patiently wait for the next monthly newsletter that is sent on the last trading day of the month after the close. New trades will be then posted for the following month. In the mean time, feel free to check trades and performances of the portfolios as you will have full access to them
  • How to know what and when to trade (what/when to buy/sell)?
    Trades history for each portfolio simply looks like this:

    In this example, USDSectors portfolio is composed of two ETFs, ETF1 and ETF2. That means that someone starting to follow this portfolio with an initial $1,000 fund would buy $500 of ETF1 and $500 of ETF2. The number of shares in this example would be calculated by dividing $500 by the price of ETF1 and ETF2. Columns ETF1% and ETF2% show the returns for each month. For example, GDX and XLU returned +22.76% and +7.62% respectively in June 2016, averaging +15.17% (USDSectors column) for the portfolio versus +0.35% for its benchmark, the SP500 (SPY Column)
  • What types of ETFs are used?
    Global assets ETFs and Sectors ETFs that are low-correlated and highly liquid
  • What is the ETF selection process?
    Signals are automatically generated by my mechanical system. It is purely quantitative
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