Please read the Disclaimer before subscribing.

Once the payment is received, login + password are emailed within 24h to access current trades of the purchased ETF portfolio(s).

Subscribers can then implement these ETF portfolios in their own brokerage account, at their discretion.

Q: Ok I have just subscribed, now what's next?
A: Patiently wait for the next monthly newsletter that is sent on the last trading day of the month, after the close.
New trades will be then posted for the following month.

This is how it looks like:

In this USDSectors example, a subscriber starting with $1,000USD would buy $500 of XLK and $500 of XLY. There would be nothing else to do until end of April 2018.

Q: What types of ETF are used?
A: Global assets ETF and Sectors ETF that are low-correlated and highly liquid.

Q: What is the ETF selection process?
A: Signals are automatically generated by a quantitative system.

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